Untitled Rug

Untitled Rug, 2012-2017, was a body of work that focused solely on textiles. The work was guided by the principle of using traditional methods of construction such as weaving, crochet, and needlepoint to create non-traditional textiles. Much of this work focused on ideas of re-framing the “feminine arts.”


Rugs are all hand-made using crochet as the single method of construction. All materials were sourced and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Super Sized Needlepoints

My fiber work focuses on using traditional methods of construction to create nontraditional textiles. With a background in contemporary art and design, the overarching goal for each piece is to create individual and project-specific works of fiber art. Much of the work deals specifically with the traditional domestic action of “women’s work” in craft. Through a shift in scale and material, the work directly addresses preconceptions found in the gender-specific activity of needlepoint. My main interest in working with textiles is to use the traditional forms or methods but to shift meaning by playing with scale and material. Asking the viewer to reconsider predeterminations of a craft and its worth. 

Wall Hangings

Untitled Rug wall hangings are made “off-loom” using cotton cording and various methods of dying, including hand dying, dip, and commercial.

Protest Flags 2017


Protest Flags Installation, Mercado Sagrado, Malibu, CA 2017

A Street (AF)Fair Installation, Presented by the city of West Hollywood Design District, Commissioned by the city of West Hollywood, CA 2016